VETROVIVO Philosophy

Vetrovivo mosaico zoomBeauty, creativity, quality and excellence, have always characterized the production of the original VETROVIVO mosaics.

The glass expertly worked with an exclusive and patented production system, the high quality of the raw materials, the creativity and wisdom, which allowed the creation of the various models, the care and attention to each product, make every piece a unique creation.

Care, attention and severity are the rules that VETROVIVO imposes itself, from the selection of the raw materials to the rigor in the handcrafted production process, that is completely handmade in Italy while respecting ethical and environmental principles.

Each product is the result of a constant diligence and of the passion we put in research and innovation. In each article there is all our history, our creativity, there’s our style and our uniqueness. Each creation is a witness of the tradition, of the culture and Italian art, which, together with the nature, are our first inspiration sources.

The creations are spectacular, characterized by the design, the fashion and the Italian luxury. All combinations that can be created are of great impact, unique subjects, careful, unforgettable, only the best pieces put together highlight the beauty and the emotions.

The peculiarity of the production comes from the exclusive glass forms such as flowers, leaves, round Vetrovivo zoomand other various subjects, that are proposed in unusual scenic compositions where, beside the forms, the colours and precious materials like gold play an important role. The trees “ALBERI” made with glass mosaics have become icons, a magnificent tribute of VETROVIVO to the nature.

The motivations that have stimulated us to generate and grow our company are strong, it is with passion and dedication that we continue to make researches for creating more unique and attractive products, that can conquer for their beauty, the strong emotional impact and originality. It’s this the spirit that VETROVIVO philosophy is based on.

We are proud of the uniqueness of our company and the originality of our production entirely made by hand in our factory in Campogalliano near Modena, Italy.

Each product is guaranteed completely Made in Italy.

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